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Kapreeza Garment Care Instructions

Lingerie Care

We want you enjoy your bras and lingerie for a long time – years not just months. Perfumes, lotions, and perspiration can be absorbed by fine fabrics. Body chemistry can cause straps and bands to lose elasticity with time. That is why we recommend hand washing your delicate items. It's easy and just takes a few seconds. Proper regular washing will help prevent this damage. Improper washing can shorten the lifespan of a bra or even destroy it.

The easiest way to do it is to fill up sink with cool or the lukewarm water and add a mild detergent suitable for delicate clothing and that does not contain bleach. Any lingerie detergent that we sell is suitable for this. It’s a good idea to attach hooks and eyes, separate colors, and wash matching sets together. If your bra has removable inserts, it is best to remove them during the wash.

Once your lingerie is in the sink, gently swish it around with your hands for about a minute. Agitate or rub soiled areas gently if needed. Then just let it soak for at least 5 min or longer, then rinse well with cool water. Gently squeeze out excess water. Do not twist or wring. Gently reshape padded bras if needed. Lay flat on a clean towel or hang to dry. Dry your bras away from radiators and sunshine to avoid fading of colors and discoloration of whites.

Do not wash lingerie in a washing machine simply because machines and most detergents are too harsh on the fine delicate items. We have experimented with laundry bags, "bra balls," and several other methods of protecting lingerie in washing machines and have not found a method that offers satisfactory protection. Do not use a clothes dryer to dry your delicate lingerie. The heat from the dryer and tumbling action will destroy the elasticity and fine fibers and lace. We love convenience as much as everyone else, but the minimal effort needed for hand-washing is well worth it. With practice, we've found that we can hand-wash five sets of lingerie with 90 seconds of effort (60 seconds to wash, 30 seconds to set out to dry).


Swimsuit Care

Swimsuits are subject to rather extreme environment that can damage the integrity of fabrics: UV light from the sun (or tanning beds), chlorine water, salt water, sand, body sweat, tanning oils and sunscreens. We are constantly trying to find the best fabrics on the market to ensure your swimsuit can last you a long time. And, yes, all of our swimsuits can be worn in the water (we've seen some other brands that are only for laying out).

The best way to take care of your swimsuits is to get in the habit of quickly rinsing them immediately in fresh water after each use. It does not matter if you go swimming in salt water, chlorine treated pool or hot-tub or just lay out in the sun – we still recommend you rinse it in a shower or sink using only mild detergent. It is important to wash the swimsuit so body oils or sunscreen lotion as well as salt, chlorine and sand do not accumulate in the fabrics. Failing to rinse after each use will result in faster fabric deterioration.