I have just moved back to the United States after several years of living overseas. One of the first things I had wanted to do upon my return was get fitted for new bras; the country in which I had been living had a female population that generally had much smaller busts than mine and my bras were all worn out and abused. I had done a google search but hadn’t seen anything that looked promising and, in a lucky coincidence, happened upon Kapreeza as I was debating whether to wait a few weeks to buy new lingerie.

Kapreeza’s stock is beautiful: classy, elegant, sexy bras and underwear, lingerie, and swimsuits. Renata, the owner, made us feel comfortable immediately. I had just walked in, no appointment, looking fairly shlubby (t-shirt, jeans, sneakers) and she not only took us seriously she got right to work on fitting me with the right bras. She warned us that a fitting took time and about an hour later I left with four bras with matching underwear–a luxury I never expected to have given my large bust! The bras are all beautiful, well made and well worth their $75-$100 price tags. The next time I need underpinnings, I’m heading to Kapreeza!
– Adria B., San Diego, CA., July 2014

Kapreeza is the only boutique for quality European lingerie worth visiting in San Diego. Renata, the owner, is a woman who celebrates the female form. She has impeccable taste and buys unique and exquisite lingerie from overseas. All of the pieces are delicate works of art that makes you feel so sexy, pretty and special when you wear them. Renata invites you to feel at home in her shop, and she knows how to help you find the most flattering shapes to compliment your figure. She reminds you that lingerie is not about being thin or curvy, it’s about nurturing femininity, sex appeal and confidence that all women possess. It’s about caring for yourself enough to lay Parisian lace against your skin. Whether lingerie is worn on its own, or tucked underneath work clothes, it reminds a woman of her power, her beauty, and helps her shine with confidence.

Women, touch and try on some of the delicate beauties at Kapreeza and treat yourself to something special, just for you.

Men, have Renata help you find something that your lady will treasure.
– Chelsea M., San Diego, CA., July 2014

I took my girlfriend to Kapreeza for the first time a few weeks ago. she had been wanting to go for a while. Renata the owner helped my girl with some bras and helped her find the right size. The shop is well stocked with plenty of styles to choose from. She tried on a bunch of styles and ended up buying 2 sets (bra and sexy thong). I’m guessing she really really liked her new underwear (lawn – ger- ay) a LOT because she is pretty much only wearing these two sets. They do make her look HOT! The bra is very flattering on her and pushes up in all the right places. 😉 😉
The cool thing also is that Renata has a record with my girlfriend’s sizes so that if i ever want to surprise her with a nice gift, I don’t have to worry about getting the size right, it’s all right there!
I asked my girl how she liked her new stuff and she said something like this: “the cut and the fabric feel really comfortable, I’m not dying to take the bra off at the end of the day, and the lace on the panties is pretty and makes me feel sexy.” … I agree with her, it looks sexy as hell, and if she’s happy then I’m happy. I may have to pay Kapreeza another visit soon! Heck maybe even tonight as they are having their grand opening party tonight at the new location 🙂
Thanks Eddie
– Eddie Martin, San Diego, CA., June 2014

If you need more than what you’ve been getting out of bra shopping then go to Kapreeza. I went there around 1ish on a weekday and there was plenty of metered street parking available.
I’ve always had problems with bras. There was never anything sexy in my size (36DD). I occasionally found my size in Victoria’s Secret but that didn’t mean that those bras fit. I found that in VS, Larger sizes just meant more material. I would try on bright blue or pink monstrosities with molded cups that added more volume to my already large breasts, but with no support to boot! I conclude VS is for A and B cups or teenagers right? If I’m wrong who cares, VS is a successful business- she’s doing something right.
So my options are the same as before, BIG UNSEXY bras that offer support right? WRONG! go to KAPREEZA!!!!
Every single bra there is different. There are sexy bras, plain bras, patterned bras, strapless bras- and the kicker is that they are all supportive! These bras are so good-looking that if anyone sees it, they are going to comment on it. You just don’t see bras like this in the U.S.
Shop owner and bra connoisseur is there to provide you with a CHOICE. Let her give you suggestions! She knows her stuff. She’s isn’t pushy or overbearing, its a comfortable setting. The inventory is fabulous-for all sizes! Prices are a tad more than a Bali or Olga but to me, a good bra that I feel sexy in, is priceless.
Oh, one more thing, this shop also carries beautiful lingerie and one of a kind swim suits.
– Karina S., San Diego, CA., June 2014

Renata’s Kapreeza is an exquisite little shop literally full of a wide selection of european lingerie brands that I just haven’t been able to find here in the states. The only negative things I experienced were having to pick out my favorites and actually leaving. Great service. Everything was soft as a feather and incredibly well made. Every kind of shape and she even has sizes normally hard to find online let alone in person. Definitely a customer for life.
Delicate, sexy, and selective.
– Devon P., Berkeley, CA., June 2014

Renata, Your email caught me at the beach in Encinitas. I just wanted to thank you for the swimsuit I am wearing now. I absolutely love it. It is above and beyond my expectations . Besides that is sexy and very pretty, it is very comfortable and age appropriate:) – purely perfect. Thank you Renata!
– Anya Turchin., San Diego, CA., June 2014

I absolutely love Kapreeza! Everything screams out elegance and quality. The owner Renata is very knowledgeable and she makes you feel like you’re shopping with a friend, she’s so sweet. I got my swimwear from Kapreeza and got a ton of compliments. It’s definitely a place for one of a kind items!
– Diana I., San Diego, CA., May 2014

Normally when I go shopping for lingerie it’s challenging for me to find bras that actually fit me in a flattering way.
At Kapreeza, instead of my typical experience of having no good options, my only problem was that I had way too many options, and I ended up having trouble deciding what to actually buy!
I had so much fun trying on so many sexy, feminine, beautiful things.
The store is small and elegant and I like the overall ambiance.
And most importantly what a great great great service!
Renata, the owner, is a wealth of knowledge of the lingerie world. She is personable, sweet, patient, fun, accepting. Thank you Renata!
– Anya T., San Diego, CA., April 2014

Renata knows her lingerie! I was first introduced to Kapreeza when my husband purchased some bra sets for me for Valentine’s Day (and Renata helped him pick out pieces in just the right style and size). There is a great range of sizes, and I’ve always been able to find beautiful pieces that work for me, even bathing suits, when I pop in.
– Renee Z., San Diego, CA., February 2014

This place is a hidden gem in San Diego that is a must to check out. Nice change of pace from the typical shops out there. Definitely a unique upscale collection that doesn’t break the bank, and one on one customer service that anyone can appreciate. I recommend this one. Keep it up 🙂
– Michael P., San Diego, CA., May 2013

I love this boutique!! I bought a swimsuit and was blown away by the quality of the suits. I like knowing that I’m buying a swimsuit that not every girl in town is wearing. Renata, the store owner, was patient, very knowledgeable and most importantly not pushy.
– Christy B., San Diego, CA., July 2013

The ultimate in luxury. Stunningly beautiful, wonderful fit. The service is impeccable. If you care about the beauty underneath, this is the place to shop. Thank you Renata and staff.
– Janette A., Shingle Springs, CA., April 2013

I have purchased 3 bras in less than 48 hours. I could not choose just one. Living in Europe I became accustomed to European bras, which feel very different from American bras. I was very disappointed not to find European bras in America.. Until I found Kapreeza… Renata is exceptional in fitting you for the perfect bra.
– Eva Tutic, San Diego, CA., October 2012

What a pleasant experience it is to shop for lingerie at Kapreeza! Renata, the owner is sooo knowledgeable, very honest and sincerely concerned about educating you on a perfect and proper fit. My husband actually found the business on the Internet three years ago and encouraged me to go back. He came with me the other day and it was fun. Renata has a great selection of beautiful bras! It is worth getting a nice , well made bra that lasts. Victoria Secret just does not have really feminine or well made lingerie. And every bra from Victoria Secret has so much padding!!! I love knowing that I have something so pretty underneath my clothes. I will be back very soon!! Thank you, Renata!
– Janet G., La Jolla, CA., August 2012

I just wore a pair of Kapreeza’s designer stockings out dancing Saturday (they look like thigh-highs with garters but they are waist high) and I got so many compliments. They were lovely, so smooth and durable. Thank you!
– Charity Dominic, San Diego, CA., June 2012

This is a fabulous find in Little Italy. Renata (owner) is extremely helpful in making sure your experience is unlike anywhere else. The swimsuits and lingerie are top quality and designs are unique and cannot be found anywhere else. I’m recommending Kapreeza to all my friends in San Diego and LA!
– Anya O., Santa Monica, CA., April 2012

Renata is amazing and so helpful! Thanks!!!
– Shelley Flynn, San Diego, CA., March 2012

I had the pleasure of finding this gem of a lingerie shop in Little Italy. What a find! A lovely shop filled with beautiful goodies from Europe and a warm, helpful and friendly owner. If you’re looking for a swimsuit, bra/panty set or a cute sexy something you can’t do better than here.
– Victoria Freeman-Photography, San Diego, CA., March 2012

Renata is awesome! She takes the time to find the exact right bra for your body type–I’ve never worn a more comfortable bra! I will definitely go back ?
– Lisa D’Alessio, San Diego, CA., January 2012

Just picked up a fabulous new bathing suit from an awesome boutique, Kapreeza, in Little Italy. This is a great place to find quality, beautiful suits (and lingerie). To all my girlfriends in SD – I highly recommend you visit this shop, Renata is great at finding the best suit for you. Now, I just need the rain to go away so I can rock this at the beach soon.
– Christy Bartlett, San Diego, CA. January 2012

Renata is an expert in the proper fitting of lingerie and swimwear. She offers a well made, beautiful selection for any woman.
– Camille Q., San Diego, CA. January 2012

I have to send out a big thanks to Renata for saving me from what would have otherwise been an utterly painful day of shopping for my girlfriend’s birthday. With zero hints as to what she wanted, I set out and wandered aimlessly from store to store. Then, about three hours into the birthday shopping with zero gifts bought, I stumbled upon Kapreeza Lingerie & Swimwear in Little Italy. The store window showcased some VERY nice items and I was drawn inside. Renata single-handedly guided me around the store and helped me select the perfect black lace cami and panty set. Renata’s merchandise is largely from Europe so everything is unique and really well made. My girlfriend loved her gift and we’ve been back to Kapreeza since then.
– John C., San Diego, CA. October 2011

Renata’s secret is much juicier and far more sexy than Victoria’s. Specializing in European lingerie and swimwear, Kapreeza (2400 Kettner Blvd, Ste. 253) is one of the most outstanding boutiques I’ve ever stepped inside. Lining the walls of this Little Italy treasure are some of the most stunning intimate apparel, bathing suits and cover-ups I have ever laid eyes upon. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t back in Paris. And, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Renata opened a drawer. I was eight years old again…standing in front of my grandmother’s candy drawer…drooling. But Renata’s candy was so much more delicious…a rainbow of colors, silk, lace…like nothing I have ever seen on U.S. soil. Just go…now.
– Janet Dore, San Diego CA., SoDiego Tours, April 2011

This store has THE BEST lingerie in San Diego and has a warm, inviting atmosphere. Renata knows all there is to know about lingerie and swimwear and is extremely helpful. I can’t wait to go back for Valentine’s Day for more goodies!
-Tom J., San Diego CA. December 2010

Dear “Kapreeza”,
I was enchanted meeting you in San Diego. I should be back in San Diego and look forward to more of your designs. I wear them proudly and for the first time I feel like a woman, unique and innocent with your designs. Don’t stop what you are doing – you are an artist for woman’s design.
Happy Holidays,
–Daniella L., AZ. December 2010

Hi Renata, Thank you so much for such a wonderful & non-intimidating shopping experience. You are such a pleasurable person and I told you I could tell from the moment I entered your beautiful store. I really appreciate the time you took with me during my original visit. You showed me so many options. You were so gracious with your time. I must have appeared to be like a child in a candy store. I know that I felt that way. Your accurate prediction about the size that I purchased possibly being a snug fit was a good prediction. I will certainly trust your instincts regarding size on my future purchases. I certainly look forward to my next purchase!! Until then, I hope your Holidays are filled with warmth and kindness.
–Pete. San Diego, CA. November 2010

My girlfriend loves their stuff and spends a lot of her (and mine..) money there, but it’s well worth it. She loves the place and I think their stuff is pretty hot on her, too. Five stars.
–Dimitry X. San Diego, CA. October 2010

Sexiest lingerie & swimwear in San Diego!! It is always great to be at Kapreeza, and fun to be a woman here. Now I know where I can find only one of kind unique swimwear. I especially love the beach dresses at the shop. They are not only sexy and comfortable to wear at the beach, but perfect for a party dress. I was very impressed about the quality and the fabrics. I will go back to the shop and am excited to see what’s new!!
-Mee Shim, San Diego, CA August 2010

I had the most delightful shopping experience at Kapreeza. today. I’m a male that enjoys wearing feminine lingerie. I emailed Renata, the owner, to first ask if I would be welcome shopping at her store. She replied promptly and welcomed me to shop and suggested that I make an appointment, which I did.

Renata provided a private, accepting and comfortable shopping experience. She helped me with sizes and we picked out two bra and pantie sets. Renata was very helpful with her feedback on what was working and not working in terms of sizes and styles. I quickly learned to trust her opinion and comments.

So, regardless of your gender, if you enjoy fine lingerie, treat yourself to the moderately priced selections at Kapreeza (unique and high quality) and treat yourself to the delightful customer service that Renata provides.
–Annika D., San Diego CA. May 2010

Kapreeza is a classy shop for ladies and the owner Renata is very personable and friendly. She has unique designer apparel and is reasonably priced. You should stop by there and say hello.
–JC. San Diego CA October 2009

I am definitely a fan of self-love and giving to myself without reservation. I’ll just say it: I can really enjoy glam!
Friday afternoon, I visited one of the lingerie boutiques downtown after hearing about a networking reception that had taken place there not too long ago. It is called Kapreeza and it’s located in Little Italy. They sell mid to high-end lingerie, swimwear and really lovely bridal lingerie. I have never seen a selection of the exquisite pieces of swimwear and lingerie that Kapreeza offers. The owner, Renata, explained how she spends quality time with each customer and feels that American women deserve fashionable and unique lingerie that is not only beautiful and sexy but comfortable. I agree with that! She said many women feel like they have to forego highly attractive pieces for function. Not so. Kapreeza offers magnificent imported lingerie for women of all sizes and ages and will spend the time with you to achieve the perfect fit.

Renata and I also agreed that it is not necessary to be in a relationship to look and feel good for oneself. Eating well and nourishing the body temple, taking excellent care of oneself, thinking positively about oneself, dressing to impress oneself, and, if one desires, attracting those who can honor her inner and outer radiance can be key to a joy-filled life that will open doors to the types of mutually satisfying relationships that a goddess deserves. Go ahead … treat yourself … just because YOU want to.
-Brigitte Taylor, Suitebrigitte.blogspot.com, San Diego, CA. September 2009

Buying a bikini has never been so easy and painless! Renata was immediately able to assess my likes, dislikes, and body type to find the perfect match.
-Katie Skow, CA. August 2009

What a fabulous place to be and shop! The owner, Renata, is extremely nice and helpful. She is so willing to take the time to help you find that perfect summer bikini and/or beautiful lingerie. Their styles are unique (for SD), and it’s so refreshing to shop in a nice environment, with well-made and fashionable selection. If you’re ever in Little Italy, I would highly recommend stopping by, and if you can, pick up that something special!
–Maureen C., San Diego, CA July 2009

I just visited this incredible lingerie store. The quality of the clothing is nothing like other stores. You won’t find anyone at the beach or a pool party that will be wearing the same swim suit as you. They are all imported from Europe, not China, and are designed by designers in France, Greece and other countries so they don’t have dozens of the exactly the same design. They will last for years and have much more support – making you look fantastic. Renata, the owner, is a bra fitting specialist, so you won’t walk out with a bra that doesn’t fit. Go see for yourself.
–Bobbi Steinberg, IntimatePhotography.com San Diego, CA. July 2009

Just wanted to mention the wonderful experience I had at Kapreeza. I have difficulty finding beautiful, unique, comfortable, functional lingerie and Kapreeza satisfied all of these qualifications! Renata, the owner, was attentive, charming and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this boutique to anyone looking for exceptional quality and unique selection of gorgeous goodies to indulge yourself with.
–Lynn, La Jolla, CA. July 2009

I was introduced to the beautiful collection of European lingerie & swimwear at Kapreeza through a networking event. I also had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Kapreeza, Renata Carlseen. She was very knowledgeable about each piece she displayed. I soon after attended an event at Kapreeza and made a purchase and I am glad I did! The lingerie is extremely comfortable and I plan to purchase more. Renata Carlseen being not only the owner of Kapreeza but the boutiques buyer, has an eye for detail, is concerned about comfort and simply has exquisite taste. Kapreeza specialty shop is the place for European lingerie & swimwear.
–Chamian Renee, Image Consultant, San Diego, CA. June 2009

Sexy. Elegant. Revealing. Welcome to Kapreeza, a women’s boutique specializing in European swimwear and lingerie. As soon as you walk into this boutique your eyes will be the size of saucers as you gawk at the elegant undergarments. Kapreeza, meaning “spoiled little girl” in Russian, will make you feel that and so much more. Offering such a unique product that you literally won’t find anywhere else in San Diego, let alone the country, Kapreeza helps women feel and look sexy from head to toe. You can count on specialized customer service and special fittings set in an elegant dressing room. If you have ever dreamt of dressing yourself up for the runway in New York, you must stop by to fulfill that dream. Owner Renata Carlseen, hailing from Latvia, demands perfection and elegance of her product. Carrying only the best and newest lingerie and swimwear from European designers from France, Italy, Greece, Latvia, and Poland. You can be sure that this fashionista will make you look good. Find that spoiled little girl inside of you or spoil your wife for the first time in years and surprise her with the sexiest and most elegant lingerie she has ever worn. She already thanks you.
–Edward Dunn, Reporter, Business Reviews USA, June 2009

I recently purchased a bathing suit at Kapreeza and was quite pleased with the shopping experience. The Kapreeza boutique is tucked away in an artistic corner of Little Italy, but the shop is easy to find, and there is plenty of free parking. The owner, Renata, is very helpful and knowledgeable, and really took time to assist me in selecting the perfect bikini. The merchandise at Kapreeza is high quality and their bathing suits are lovely. Renata offers items in a range of styles and sizes. I was impressed with Kapreeza and charmed by Renata, and will definitely be back.
–Wanda, San Diego, CA. May 2009

Many lingerie stores carry the same stuff year after year. I shop at Kapreeza for those special occasions knowing that my girl is getting something new, stylish and special.
–Charlie A. Escondido, CA. April 2009

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Kapreeza’s stock is beautiful: classy, elegant, sexy bras and underwear, lingerie, and swimsuits. Renata, the owner, made us feel comfortable immediately.

— Adria B San Diego, CA

I just visited this incredible lingerie store. The quality of the clothing is nothing like other stores. You won’t find anyone at the beach or a pool party that will be wearing the same swim suit as you.

— Bobbi S IntimatePhotography.com San Diego, CA. July 17, 2016