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Kapreeza European Lingerie and Swimwear Specialty Shop


Kapreeza is a Las Vegas-based company that was originally founded in 2005 in San Diego by Renata Carlseen as a home business. Growing up in the Eastern European country of Latvia, formely part of the USSR, Renata developed a talent and flair for designing and creating her own clothing as it was the only alternative to wearing the terrble garments produced by the communist regime. 

Renata immigrated in 1998 and began a new life the United States. She went through several different jobs, but was always bothered by the poor fit and quality of lingerie and swimwear available in the America. After a few years, she developed unique business focused on bringing the superior design, materials and workmanship of European manufacturers to her adopted home country.

While developing her business Renata found a great support from her husband and business partner Erik Carlseen. They travelled to Europe and met many designers and manufacturers. Renata mentions, “It is always great to have my husband with me during the selection of lingerie inventory, because he always points out the styles that will be more popular with our male customers. Since women and men most times shop for lingerie completely with different approach, it is easy to overlook certain styles being a woman.” After looking through the options they have decided to work with smaller manufacturers because of excellent attention to details, personalized approach and being able to order unique styles, sometimes ordered just for the Kapreeza Shop. Many companies Kapreeza is doing business with are family owned and only do business with the retailers they trust to represent their brand and product value. Kapreeza was able to build strong connections because Renata Carlseen’s European background and cultural understanding.

After acquiring samples from different collections, Renata and some others carefully studied and tested their quality by wearing and washing them for the prolonged time. By paying close attention to quality of materials and manufacturing we discovered products that with the proper care would last for years instead of months. To this day. selecting Kapreeza inventory requires lots of planning and patience as business with small manufacturers is done in a more traditional way in Europe. However the patience is well rewarded since European designers are always re-inventing fashion and trends as well as improving on fabric quality, design and fit. That is why Kapreeza’s lingerie and swimwear selections are the most fashionable and newest in the market and ahead of the main stream brands in USA.